Sunday, March 22, 2009

Siem Reap

That night the 4 of us went to a traditional Cambodian show. Beautiful women in traditional dress used their hands and feet to tell stories, whilst the men, often depicted as villains or farm boys, used broader steps, We were astounded to see that when the cast took it's final bow, people from the audience came on stage to stand among them to have their photos taken! Look carefully between the performers on the right.

One other thing that I must mention, is our trip to "Dr Fish". We found a modern tiled huge round bath, with lots of little fish swimming around. The sign to attract us was hilarious; promising us all sorts of funny things. Max and I decided to try it out, and for $3, we had the privilege of having lots of fish come up to our toes and nibble off the dead skin! We started off by laughing and giggling, but eventually we got used to the tickling sensation. We were assured the fish were not piranhas, and were glad to see, when we got out, that our feet were in tact; cleaner, and exfoliated!

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