Monday, March 16, 2009

Brendan Lourie and Max Bradfield.

I have known Brendan (left) for a few years now, as he is a member of my YAP-Young@Park group. I met Max at a few rides that some of us had around Melbourne in the past 8 months. The two 'boys' have been best friends for many years.
Max had contemplated doing a similar ride with Oxfam a few years ago, but Brendan was not ready. Max's grandfather also had Parkinson's, so he knows all about it, and is always there for his buddy. Both Max and Brendan have been riding for a while now, so everything seemed to fall into place when The Challenge was presented.
Max said, "When you have good friend with Parkinson's, it's hard to know how to help,,,, and this was a great opportunity.
Both guys have been terrific company for all us girls, and great riders!
Whilst Brendan is already a Parkinson's Ambassador, Max hopes to be one too. Lovely to see such devotion and loyalty between two men.


  1. Hi Karyn, Enjoyed reading the profile on Max & Croz (Brendan) Congratulations on achieving your challenges : on completing the bike ride and posting your entertaining blog.Trish (Max's wife)

  2. Hi Karyn,
    Well done to you & the rest of the group on the bike ride. I have been following you all on your Vietnam adventures & have thoroughly enjoyed all the reports. Have also printed them off and passed them on to Brendan's parents who loved hearing how everything was going. Congrats on rising & achieving your challenges. Pam (Brendan's sister-in-law.