Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jenny Young and Helen Bignell

These bright, energetic, fun, fit girls added sparkle and competition to The Challenge. Both were later entrants into The Challenge. Jenny came in late 2007, but Helen joined us with only weeks to go. The girls are keen riders, often rising at 5.30 am and setting off for long and grueling kms. They are certainly fit! Strangely enough, it was Helen's brother, Ted, who was meant to go with us. Ted is undergoing DBS very soon, so he and his mate David dropped out.
These are the two original "HA HA" girls. They know how to pose for a perfect shot by saying "HA HA"! They were very entertaining on both train trips, where they teamed up with the Leongatha girls. They can drink lots, and STILL ride for km the next day!

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