Sunday, March 22, 2009

Claire Eizenberg

Claire decided to come along on The Challenge, simply because riding around Vietnam on a bicycle was something she always wanted to do. I went to school with her husband, Peter, and one day when I was telling him of my plans, he remarked, "That sounds just like what Claire wants to do!" It was great for me to have someone so close going; The Eizenberg's live only a couple of streets away, and are both keen riders, so I enjoyed many rides with them leading up to the ride. Peter would have loved to come, but family matters kept him home.
Claire's vocation as a doctor was appreciated throughout the trip, as people sought all sort of medical advice. She received the award on the last day as the most organized person. Her suitcase was crammed with food and medicines 'just in case', as well as a variety of handy gadgets. When we rode into Quang Ngi, it was Claire's flashing helmet that saved the day, or should I say, night! Claire's knowledge of Parkinson's was expanded on the trip by talking and observing the 3 people with it, and reading the GP handbook that Catherine had brought along from Parkinson's Victoria.
I am very glad that Claire came on this trip. I didn't know her very well before, but after living together and sharing a room with her, we have learnt a lot about each other, and look forward to riding in the future.

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