Monday, March 16, 2009

Buon Me Thuot to Nha Trang

Today was the last riding day! A sense of anticipation spread around the group as we once again left the Hotel at 7.30 am. We started off a coffee plantation, where Hilly told us about "Weasel Coffee" His description was so weird, I had to check it out on Wikipedia. Sure enough, it matches up with Hilly's story about the weasels climbing the coffee vines, and sniffing out the best coffee beans. They then eat them, but the beans inside pass through their system undigested. The farmers then collect the poo from the ground, wash it, and collect these choice beans. Vietnam is apparently famous for this coffee... but as I don't drink coffee, I won't be trying it!
I rode this morning, went on the bus, off the bus, finally deciding to ride just before lunch.
A word on the people in the highlands; they are different to the coastal and city people. Hilly told us not to talk to them, as they are suspicious of Westerners. we felt a little unsafer here. As before, the children yelled, "Hello! Hello!" to us, and something we could not quite catch. We were later told they were calling us "White Devils." Also, everywhere we went, people openly laughed at us. Even though most of the population has owned a pushbike at some time, they certainly do not don bike gear, and we looked a sight in our shorts and bright tops.
Hilly cooked us another sumptuous lunch.
I will write about the final ride later....

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  1. Amazing mum- I'm so proud of you :)