Friday, March 13, 2009

From Hoi An to Quang Ngai

Today we rode about 70 km, and I am proud to say that I did almost all of it.
We drove out of Hoi An for about 2 hours, and set about getting our bikes in order.
I must explain that besides our air conditioned bus, we have another truck with us, which has our bikes in it. it is driven by a bike mechanic. So any time we feel like stopping, we just hail the bus, which is following the last person. (often me).
We all thought that we were seeing double when Hilly's identical twin brother and son joined us on his motor bike (above), and kept Hilly company until lunch.
The morning's ride as not very scenic; we mainly went along the highway, but there was little traffic.
After a picnic lunch, (we had a bread roll, not rice!), we continued on, now weaving through villages, where children continued to come out and shout 'hello!" to us. Catherine gave some children little koalas, but they were very shy, and didn't want to take them, say, 'koala", or even pose for the photo, which they eventually did.
Then we rode to My Lai.
My Lai is a peaceful little village, where the worst war crime of The Vietnam war was committed.
On March 16th, 1968, 504 innocent civilians were dragged out and shot by American GIs, and killed.
We visited the site, and saw the lovely setting where it happened, and toured the museum.
Here is a photo of the My Lai Massacre Memorial Monument. The other photo is at the site of a house where 12 members of one family were murdered. Lieutenant William Calley, who organized the massacre, was convicted of murder, but was released a few years later by President Nixon.
We cycled out of My Lai as the sun set, heading f
or our hotel. Yon and Peter, do not read on. It was 10 km to our hotel, and soon got dark. One of my pet hates at home is cyclists in the dark with no lights, and as we headed back onto the highway to Quang Ngai, the traffic became heavier. We pedaled on in the darkness, led by our bus with flashing lights, and Claire's flashing helmet. Trucks and bikes beeped, and we were all exhausted, but finally made it back to our hotel. I expect to get more than my usual 5 hrs sleep tonight!


  1. hey darlin Karyn
    I've just read your blog. Gee you write sooo well, so articulate and descriptive.Sounds full on, tiring and exciting. Sending you lots of love. Hope you recovered from the bruising, usually the ego is bruised the most hey!
    Kol Hakavod
    love Disie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Gee, I sure hope Peter doesn't read that last bit....
    Love, Peter