Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nha Trang

Ahhhhh! A free day at last. We bussed into the beach resort Nha Trang in the dark, noting the buzz of construction taking place by many big hotel chains on prime real estate beach property. Whilst the others had another set dinner, this time at a BBQ restaurant, I opted for a night on my own.
A word on the food here; Claire and I, who both decided to eat vegetarian, (More for religious reasons than health reasons...), thought we might starve, so I brought a few snacks, and Claire brought a suitcase of tuna, nuts, muesli bars and corn. However, we had no trouble finding vegetarian food here. Hilly made sure we always had enough to eat when there was a set menu, and we ate VERY well. Anyway, by now I was a little tired of veggies and rice, and my tummy was a bit queasy from the bus ride, and the thought of cooking some strange fish on a bbq with the meat, along with the sight of the squid etc, made me nauseous, but I managed to find a pizza! Just a vegetarian pizza, but gee, it tasted good. Chocoholics found Tim Tams and M & Ms, so all were happy.
The day was well anticipated by all. Daryl, (my son), had visited Nha Trang last year whilst cruising The World as a fitness instructor, and he recommended a resort called "The Louisiane Brewhouse." so Claire, Leanne, Nahid Jenny and Helen and I braved crossing the road and found it..perfect for what we wanted. We had a fabulous 1 and 1/2 hr massage for $18, had drinks by the pool, and for $2.50 could stay and use all pool facilities. others went Island hopping, or to mud baths.

At 6.15 pm, we were at Nha Trang Station, ready to catch our second overnight train; this time to Saigon. You may remember the train from Hanoi was not too pleasant, so we were wary, but this train was much cleaner and better. There was even a decent toilet! The HA HA girls shared their drinks with whoever was still up, taking photos and telling stories, and so the night passed, and we arrived in Saigon at 5.30 am.

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