Friday, February 20, 2009

A Special Ride with a Special Person.

A special ride with a special person; On Wednesday, February 18th, I had the pleasure of joining Sarah on her ride from Sydney to Melbourne. When I heard that Sarah was riding at the same time as I was driving along the coast (in opposite directions), I could not pass up the opportunity. Those who know me well, will not be surprised! After all I happened to be in the area, with my bike on tow..
Now, I have not sighted rain in about 10 weeks... i mean RAIN, not those unfrequent showers, but no sooner had John and I crossed the NSW border, down it buckets!
John was not happy about me riding in the rain, or on Princess Highway, but I was determined.
I met Sarah at Quaama, and we rode 34 km to Bega; mostly uphill! In the rain! I must say I enjoyed the rain, but not the hills.... John was amazed that I could make it...what does he ethink I've been doing the pst 10 months?
Sarah is riding from Syney to Melbourne to raise awareness for Parkison;s in honour of her can follow her progress on
She is truly amazing, and the 2 hrs spent with Sarah and her partner Adam were too short.
I'm glad I had the experience. Sorry, Yon for ruining your day, but it was too wet to paint or birdwatch anyway!


  1. We look forward to keeping in the know with this latest venture. Good luck with the ride. Karyn you're truly amazing!


  3. keep texting.Saw daryl and he is well. Have a good one

  4. woops i am annonymos. Sounds grouse di

  5. now i wish i had gone too. Sounds amazing. Maybe viet nam next holiday. What you are doing is what makes u stronger. Pushing thru the wall. Never thought id see the day. Congrats di. i am annonumos